Smart Farming with BudMore !

Organic farming backed with IOT for a better future.


Fully Automated Farming

A zero human, farming practice that assures enhanced productivity, efficiency, and reduced operations cost expenses without compromising on quality of produce. Our best in class automation systems includes a wide range of controllers, sensors and monitoring devices designed to automate any aquaculture production procedures at an affordable cost.


Advanced Farm Monitoring & Data logging

An advanced scientific farming practice where all Key Performance Indicators(KPI’s) of the farming operations are recorded in real-time for advanced data analysis. Our wide variety of in-house monitoring devices monitors and alerts the users for any threshold deviations. The KPI’s captured includes variables like pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Ammonia, Salinity, Temperature, Conductivity and Water level.


Complete Farm Management solution (MIS)

BudMore Farm Management system (FMS), A a free cloud-based SAAS management information with an easy to use graphical user interface for the farmers to monitor, control and automate (scheduling & programming) farming operations. The system also provides advanced BI Reports, actionable insights, trends, charts and alerts using the data captured by the controller.


Research and Development (R&D)

A dedicated R&D team that focuses on constinous improvevemt, productivity, profitability and sustainability of our products and services without zero adverse effect on environment. With a perfect blend of information technology, IOT systems and the plasma technology we grow disease resistant(free from virus or bacteria), healthy plants and aquatic species.

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We Are Experts In

Intensive Aquaculture 100%
Automation Services : 95%
Information Systems: 80%
Online Sales Channel: 90%
Project Consulting 100%

Core Services


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Data Analytics

Advanced analytical reports, insights, trends, and charts are derived from the real-time data(KPI’s) captured.

Operations Optimization

Bottlenecks identification, efficient workflows designing, wastage reduction, energy optimization and assure optimal growing environment.


Understand your agriculture operations, its bottlenecks and future prospects supported with the advanced scientific datum.

Remote Management (IOT)

Threshold alerting and remote farm management of the end-to-end farm operations using both mobile and web platforms.

Online Sales Channel

We provide a one stop solution, an online vendor ecommerce platform for farms and vendors to sell their aquaculture products.

Our Services

  • Agri-Tech Consulting
    • System analysis
    • Operations analysis
    • Infrastructure analysis
    • Identify the KPI’s
    • Identify bottlenecks
    • Solution gathering
    • Solution analysis
    • Risk analysis
    • Execution planning
    • QA & QC
    • Execution management

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  • Farm Automation
    • System analysis
    • Infrastructure analysis
    • Feasibility study
    • Risk evaluation
    • Custom IOT designing
    • Project execution
    • QA & QC
    • MIS-System training
    • BI-Reports
    • Technical assitance
    • Total Quality Management

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  • Data Analytics
    • BI Reporting
    • Thrushold Alert report
    • Enery consumption report
    • pH Trend Report
    • DO Trend Report
    • Ammonia Trend Report
    • Temperature Trend Report
    • Conductivity Trend Report
    • Fiter Efficiency Analysis
    • Water Usage Analysis
    • Ammonia Cycle Analysis

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  • Technical Support
    • Sales support
    • Branding
    • Internet marketing
    • e-commerce sales
    • BI reporting
    • Predictive analysis
    • Data analytics
    • Training sessions
    • Technology sharing
    • After sales support
    • Customer grievance

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