Research and Development


“Food is the most primitive form of comfort.” Sheilah Graham (1904-1988)

Food is the most significant substance in every living organism. The way food is produced, circulated and consumed plays a vital role in the nutrient deficiency the world is facing today. Owing to numerous factors including the increase in population and scarcity of resources, our food system is under stress and is demanding a thoughtful transformation.

Technology enabled innovations are mandatory across a wide area of food system to bring a positive make over. At BudMore, we have a dedicated team focusing on smart farming. Our smart farming sector is further split into two different parts, where one supports the other. Internet of Things (IOT) and Plasma Irrigation (PI) are our solutions to address numerous glitches in agriculture sector.

Plasma, the fourth state of matter, combines a wide range of reactive species which contributed to healthy seed germination, insect control, soil remediation, seed disinfection, healthy plant growth, soil remediation, locking freshness of the product, etc. All these factors, can in turn bring in a vast transformation in food production while maintaining sustainability. PI can directly affect the way the world is going look at agriculture, beyond traditional prototypes. At BudMore, PI would be used for antiviral/antifungal/antibacterial treatment of aquatic species and for promoting even growth rate. Whereas for all the plant species, PI would be used for attaining great quality of food produce.

Our sensors and IOT devices are dedicated for making farming more qualitative by collecting data of various conditions like soil conditions, moisture content, pH of water, etc. These data will either directly go to or the farmer who then can autonomously respond to the various needs of the farm.