Publications from Our researchers

Discover the research that is being conducted in and out of BudMore by our researchers

Along with creating innovative products, our researches are keen to make quality publications in collaboration with their corresponding  Universities. Few of their selected publications are listed below

06th Sept. 2022
S.Sasi, K.Prasad et. al
Plasma for Aquaponics

Journal: Trends in Biotechnology

14th Sept. 2020
R.Zhou, K.Prasad et. al
Chemo-Radiative Stress of Plasma as a Modulator of Charge-Dependent Nanodiamond Cytotoxicity

Journal: ACS Applied Bio Materials

1st May 2020
J. Weerasinge, R. Zhou, et. al
Bactericidal Silver Nanoparticles by Atmospheric Pressure Solution Plasma Process

Journal: Nanomaterials

May 2020
R.Zhou, et. al
Atmospheric-pressure plasma treated water for seed germination and seedling growth of mung bean and its sterilization effect on mung bean sprouts

Journal: Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies

December 2019
K. Prasad, R.Zhou, et. al
Effect of multi-modal environmental stress on dose-dependent cytotoxicity of nanodiamonds in Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells

Journal: Sustainable Materials and Technologies

7th December 2018
R.Zhou, K.Prasad et. al
Cold atmospheric plasma activated water as a prospective disinfectant: the crucial role of peroxynitrite

Journal: Green Chemistry

30th April 2018
R.Zhou et. al
Quantification of plasma produced OH radical density for water sterilization

Journal: Plasma Processes and Polymers

4th July 2017
K.Prasad et. al
Effect of precursor on antifouling efficacy of vertically-oriented graphene nanosheets

Journal: Nanomaterials

8th May 2017
K.Prasad et. al
Synergic bactericidal effects of reduced graphene oxide and silver nanoparticles against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria

Journal: Scientific Reports