Najeeb M A

BudMore Agro-industries Pvt Ltd.

Personal Details

Name                   :  Najeeb M A

Position(s)           :  VP, Operations

Team                    :  Operations

Contact no          :  Hidden

Email id                :

Qualifications     : Bachelor of Electronics and communication Technology Engineering.
                                (Govt College of Engineering, Chengannur, India)


  • 10 years of experience in Embedded project development.
    • 1 year as embedded engineer trainee
    • 8 years as embedded product developer
    • 1 year as product development lead
  • Conducted sessions on embedded technologies  at colleges
  • Leaded hands-on training programs 
  • Has guided multiple academic projects (B-tech, M-tech)
  • Handled both hardware and firmware development
  • Deepknoledge in product prototyping


BudMore Agro Industries

  • VP-operations
  • Implemented various prototypes as per the requirements 
  • Developed industrial grade customized products
  • Developed farm automation hardware with IOT connectivity 

DCSRI pvt ltd

  • Embedded product developer
  • Worked in industrial automations projects
  • Developed controlling system  for home based elevators 

Mepits infotech

  • Embedded product developer
  • Prototype making of customized products 

Grey techno abs

  • Embedded project guide
  • Conducted training classes

Unitech control systems

  • Embedded engineer trainee