Eco friendly disinfection

BudMore’s disinfection technology is based on a  novel approach to limit transmission of pathogen in the aquaculture industry without  relying on the use of drugs or potentially toxic chemicals. Our nano-plasma reactor are highly effective in deactivating the pathogens in complex real-life systems without compromising the health of the inhabitants.

Protection Against Bacteria, Virus and Parasite

Following the successful completion of the lab trails, BudMore’s team is  working on scaling up of the Nano-plasma reactor which uses the reactive ions from plasma discharge to deactivate pathogens in complex aquaculture systems.

What is Plasma?

Plasma is the fourth and the most abundant state of matter which contains a cocktail of  free electrons, atoms, and molecules in the neutral or  ionized state, UV, heat radiation,  electromagnetic radiation, and reactive species.

How it works?

The antimicrobial activity of plasma is directly linked to the amount of reactive species produced as well as plasma generated physical effects.  At a suitable  concentration, these plasma-generated species can attack each component of the cell to an extent that the cell no longer retains membrane integrity and loses complete functioning, leading to the cell death.


  • Protein Denaturation
  • Amino Acid oxidation
  • Loss of enzyme activity

Cell Membrane

  • Etching of membrane
  • Diffusion of reactive species

Nucleic Acids

  • DNA and RNA damage
  • No cell replication


  • Breaking of Chemical bonds
  • Increase in surface roughness
  • Erosion due to bombardment by radicals

Lipid &Fatty Acids

  • Breaking of Chemical bonds
  • Increase in surface roughness
  • Erosion due to bombardment by radicals

Much research has been conducted to understand the technology behind plasma’s pathogen deactivation

Pathogens (types)

Mechanism / Reason for inactivation


The reactive ions present in plasma are responsible for virus inactivation through attacks on capsid protein and nucleic acids. 


Reactive species induces stress,  damage cell wall or membrane and results in the  to the release of cytoplasmic components.


The collective effect of reactive species causes morphological changes in the cell, ranging from reduction in size up to complete cellular damage.


Oxidative stress caused by the reactive oxygen species causes destruction.

Reduces Infection rate in any complex biological medium without compromising the health of the inhabitant.

A promising treatment method for Covid-19!!