Digital Conductivity Sensor



Power supply: 24V DC
Produced By Budmore
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This is a type of online conductivity electrode; in the interior of the electrodes achieve the automatic temperature compensation, digital signal conversion and other functions. With rapid response, low maintenance cost, real-time online measurement characters etc. The electrode using standard Modbus RTU (485) communication protocol, 24V DC power supply, four wire mode can very convenient access to sensor networks.

  • Can work stably for a long time.
  • Built in temperature sensor, real-time temperature compensation
  • RS485 signal output, strong anti-interference ability, the output range of up to 500m.
  • Using the standard Modbus RTU (485) communication protocol.
  • The operation is simple, the electrode parameters can be achieved by remote settings, remote calibration of electrode.
  • 24V DC power supply.




Parameter measurement

conductivity, temperature

Measure range

Conductivity: 0-2000us/cm Temperature: (0-50.0)°C


Conductivity: ±20 us/cm 

Temperature : ±0.5°C

Reaction time



Conductivity: 1us/cm 

Temperature : 0.1°C

Power supply

24V DC

Power dissipation


Communication mode

RS485(Modbus RTU)

Cable length

5 meters, can be ODM depend on user’s requirements

Overall size

230mm×φ 30mm


Sinking type, pipeline, circulation type etc.

Housing material



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