Growth Hormones in Aquaculture

Aquaculture is the cultivation of aquatic organisms in a controlled environment, which is also known as fish farming. Usually, it is done in coastal ocean waters, freshwater ponds, rivers,etc. The main aim of aquaculture is the production of food for the immensely growing population of the world. Woefully, the ocean’s natural productivity is almost done, … Read more

Indian Aquaculture – Factors affecting fish growth

Indian aquaculture is the second largest aquaculture producer and significant industrial sector all over the world. Indian aquaculture is broadly divided into freshwater and brackish water aquaculture production. As per the reports of 2018, the estimated fish production in India was at 6.24 million metric tons (MMT). The fish marketing system in India is highly … Read more

Methods To Control Algal Growth In Aquaculture

Algae are a divergent group of aquatic living organisms that are capable of conducting the photosynthesis process. They can produce oxygen and can consume carbon dioxide thus serves as a base for the food chain of aquatic organisms. The algal body posses simple morphology with chlorophyll and the size ranges from microscopic single-celled to macroscopic … Read more