Supply voltage: 230v AC 50Hz
IoT device (Wi-Fi)

AC-AA100 is an Aerator Automation Controller, an IoT device tailor designed by BudMore for large open aquaculture ponds. Aeration is critical in aquaculture ponds to supplement oxygen levels, especially in scenarios where natural aeration may be insufficient due to factors like high stocking density or environmental conditions. The controller intelligently regulates the operations of the aerators (machines) used to enhance dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in the water, so as to ensure optimal environmental conditions within the aquaculture pond supporting the efficient growth of aquatic organisms. Tailored for the traditional, expansive open ponds, an AC-AA100 device is capable of managing up to a total of 24 aerators and is also equipped with a user-friendly graphical interface showcased on a 10-inch touchscreen HMI display.  It seamlessly collaborates with the PM100 (power monitor) to ensure uninterrupted and efficient operation.

Why AC-AA100?

Data driven automation: The AC-AA100 controller intelligently regulates and synchronizes the operations of up to 24 independent aerators based on the real-time data inputs from DO (dissolved oxygen) sensor, water level sensor (WLS), temperature sensor, the power monitor(PM100) and the cloud application.

Real-time DO monitoring: The DO demand of the pond is monitored by the controller on real-time with the help of industrial grade optical DO sensors which works 24*7.

User friendly interface: The controller comes pre-loaded with an large touch screen(10-inch) graphical user interface (GUI). This make the device user-friendly and operable by a layman farmer with minimal training.

Demand-based aeration: The device enables the farmer to divide his extremely large pond into six regions and control DO levels by automating the six aerator channels based on the DO sensor data input, ensuring precise aeration based on the crops’ s DO demand.

Remote Monitoring & Controlling: Facilitating real-time data transfer, the AA100 uploads pond data to a cloud server, enabling end-users to remotely monitor farm conditions. Additionally, the device features remote-controlling capabilities through the AMS (Automation Management System) module of MAUGRO (the cloud application), allowing users to manage aerator’s operation remotely.

Offline Scheduling Capability: The AC-AA100 is loaded with all required programs needed to work as a stand-alone unit isolated from internet indefinitely. Furthermore, the user could customize the automation schedules through the GUI and even operate the device without the help water quality sensor inputs.

Improve productivity: The controller’s program ensures optimal DO levels evenly across the pond there by enhancing the survivability and growth rate of species. This ultimately enables the end-user to increase the stocking density and overall productivity seamlessly.

Energy usage monitoring: The controller in collaboration with PM100 module monitors and logs the energy usage of independent aerator channels on real-time

Power Outage Management: The system has inbuilt feature to monitor power inputs from up-to three independent power sources and perform power availability-based load management automatically. This ensures optimized crop growth even during power outages, maintaining uninterrupted system functionality.

Optimization for Energy Efficiency: During the course of operation, the controller is programed to always make sure that, only minimum number of aerators operates precisely to meet the DO demand or surge. The logic functions equally good with DO sensor and with manual scheduling.

Cloud Connectivity and Data Analytics: AC-AA100 hardware has a Wi-Fi card and is integrated with the cloud application MAUGRO, for real-time data-logging. The AMS module of MAUGRO processes this datum to generate actionable insights and BI reports enabling the user to make informed at the right time.

System independent design: The device is best designed to perform pond aeration operations for larger open pond systems. Although, designed for the large system the device can also perform optimally with multiple small ponds too.

Multi-channel automation

a.       Six channels of automation.

b.       2 High power and 2 Low power devices per channel.

c.       Load balancing and scheduling per channel possible

d.       DO demand-based automation.

e.       Each channel can low-power and high-power loads separately.

f.        Energy consumption monitoring done per channel.

g.       Power based load management

h.       Alarm triggering (light, sound & on-board display message)

WQ sensor connectivity

Yes (dissolved Oxygen only)

Remote monitoring

Yes (through MOUGRO, the cloud software)

Remote scheduling

Yes (through MOUGRO)

Offline scheduling

Yes (through touch screen – GUI)

Online data logging

Yes (when connected to internet)

Local data saving

Yes (on-board min SD card max 16 GB)

Internet connectivity

Yes (Wi-Fi)

Graphical user interface

Yes (10-inch HMI display, capacitive touch)

Sensor maintenance guide

Yes (Step-by-step GUI instructions for calibration/maintenance)

On-board programs

Yes (Default mode / Error modes/ FMS modes)

Customize programing

Yes (Custom scheduling through on-board GUI display / MOUGRO)

Load balancing

Yes (based on power availability and other sensor inputs)

Weather data display

Yes (pushed from cloud application)

Date and time sync

Yes (Synchronizes cloud server)

Power outage management

Yes (3 levels of redundancy)

Pond water level monitoring

Yes (3 levels of redundancy)


Yes (on-board siren )


Yes (through the GUI display and web UI)

Other accessory connectivity

Yes (PM100)

Model number


Device type

Automation Controller


Input: 230v AC, 50Hz 

Device rated power

5 W

Enclosure material

ABS (Plastic)

Mounting options

Panel door mounting


10-inch capacitive touch (HMI display)

Inputs type




Sensor connectivity

Series - WQ sensors (DO)

Sensor voltage input

5-12V, DC

Power button


LED indicators


Operating temperature

-40°C to 60°C

Compliances meet



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