Plasma Agriculture – The Agri-Tech revolution

Rising global, environmental and social challenges demand the need for innovative and enhanced resolutions in the field of food production and consumption. Solutions to viable food production to meet the need of the growing population requires innovations exceeding traditional patterns and eliminating adverse effect to the environment.
Cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) also known as Low-temperature plasma (LTPs) is currently being introduced as an efficient sustainable technology for improving agriculture productivity without compromising on product quality or environmental safety. Applications of CAPs in the agricultural field have resulted in the creation of a novel and fast-growing field named “Plasma Agriculture.”

Being a green alternative to traditional farming methods, plasma technology has shown to have the potential of improving agriculture efficiency by enhancing seed germination and plant growth. In addition, CAPs have also proved to show antibacterial properties against the pathogens that attack plants and are extremely useful for food and food processing devices.

Plasma Agriculture can be an answer for safe and sustainable agriculture productivity for the increased population, whereby plasma can boost yield in a healthy way without demanding more water or any chemical fertilizer or pesticides. In other words, Plasma Agriculture potentially offers increased production with less impact on the ecosystem, by suppressing plant diseases and enhancing crop yields.

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