Smart farming

Satellites, 3D Printers, Drones- technology is changing the whole world and agriculture sector is catching up. The subsequent pace in serving food for the fast growing population involves the use of automated tractors, sensors, precision farming, etc to quantify farming in the most modern ways. In short, the vast collection of IOT devices have changed the way the world looks at farming.

IOT in farming or digital farming involves incorporation of advanced technologies into prevailing farming practices so as to improve the production capacity and the quality of products served. Finding accuracy in location using global positioning system (GPS), using self-driving tractors, devices to sense soil moisture, etc makes a digital farm more efficient and sustainable when compared to the traditional farming methods. Technological advancement can bring vast changes in every aspect of farming starting from planning seeds to harvesting. Automated robots, drones, sensors and IOT are expected to the main three aspects of smart farm.

AgBots or Agricultural robots have already made their entry into the farms and are undertaking tasks varying from seeding and sowing to watering and harvesting them. In the long run, these AgBots, not only help to produce high quality of food products but also helps in improving the quality of life of farmers a lot by reducing heavy labour and tiresome task. Along with AgBots, driverless tractors are expected to become the heart of farm. Autonomous tractors would be more capable and self-sufficient than the current manual ones. Sensors and IOT devices makes the farming more qualitative by collecting data of various conditions like soil conditions, moisture content, pH of water, etc. These data will either directly go to the agro bots or the farmer who then can autonomously respond to the various needs of the crops.
Smart farms can be new levers to enhance the traditional trends in agriculture and can ensure a huge increase in the quality and quantity of food products.

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