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Project consulting

Individuals and companies with infrastructure and a strong passion towards agriculture, We guide and help them convert their dreams into reality.

Contract Farming

For those who are concerned about their land-holding being unproductive, underutilized and ever increasing demand of good food , we offer a complete solution in commercial organic farming and intensive aquaculture.


We provides our clients with the best in class online and traditional marketing channels ensuring long-term profitability and sustainability.


A one stop shopping point for the purchase of products, machinery and other materials that are required for the construction, maintenance and seamless operations agriculture farms.

BudMore Products By Category

Ethically and scientifically grown fishes, harvested every six-months to ensure tenderness and freshness of the produce. Every batch of our produce is constantly monitored to ensure optimal growth, productivity and quality.
Our fish produce includes :
1. Anabas
2. Nilotica Thilapya
3. Prawns
4. Karimeen
Fresh native fruits grown naturally in harmony with nascent environmental conditions in our farms are sold through BudMore. Our fruits are 100% organic , pesticide free and is not treated with any chemical agents.
Vegetables at BudMore farms are produced using the advanced commercial aquaponics and hydroponics systems. Our vegetable produces grown are completely organic and does not involve the use of any pesticide, insecticides or any chemical agents.
Our advanced poly-house farming techniques ensures optimal pest free growing environment and high-quality organic produce.
BudMore uses and retails fish feeds mainly from two different brands.
1. Godrej Agrovet
2. Growell
Feeds with varying protein contents and types sold are determined by numerous farming parameters. BudMore farm analyst guides the client for optimal feed usage based on ‘Conversion ration’ for optimal fish growth at various stages of farming activity.

Healthy food are tasty too

Why choose us ?

100% Organic vegetables

Everything is Organic !

All vegetables are produced using aquaponics or hydroponics methods and hence they are completely organic.


We distribute a verity of products such as Tomato, Mint Leaves, Coriander, Birds eye Chilly, Pepper, Snake Gourd, Ginger, Yellow Cucumber and Ivy Gourd more.

Fast and Free delivery

Delivery Network

We have a wide distribution network with in 100 Km of all our farm sites. However, free delivery is always restricted to a minimum purchase value.

Pick Ups

Customers are always welcome to visit our nearest pick-up point or farm outlets to collect their orders during the working hours.

Best Consulting Strategies

How we are different ?

Every projects we consult is taken up by a well structured team of young people consisting of a business analyst, technical consultant , infrastructure analyst and a marketing analyst to ensure the long-term profitability of our clients.

All in one place

Our consulting strategy scopes in feasibility study, market study, environment study and risk (production and sales) analysis.

Best shopping experience

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More than 10 years in business

BudMore was a concept formed in 2018 when four young souls decided to retain the values of traditional farming activity. The core team lays the foundation of the company with their diverse expertise and experiences in doing business in various industries.

100% Professional

Our promptness , accuracy ,value for time and passion to make difference makes us truly professional.

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