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Farm Automation

A completely mechanized, precision farming practice that assures enhanced productivity, efficiency, and reduced operations cost expenses without compromising on the quality of produce.

Remote Management (IOT)

Threshold alerting and remote farm management of the end-to-end farm operations using both mobile and web platforms.

Farm Management Solution

BudMore FMS , a  cloud-based SAAS management information with an easy to use graphical user interface for the farmers to monitor, control and automate farming operations.


Individuals and companies with infrastructure and a strong passion towards agriculture, We guide and help them convert their dreams into reality.

BudMore Products By Category

BudMore controllers are custom designed to address end-to-end automation requirement of any Aquaculture farming operations.


Product Specification :
1. 15-Output Controlls
2. 15-Feedbacks
3. 9-Optional Controlls
4. 1 -Wired serial ports for Monitor unit communication
5. Wi-Fi communication (IOT)
6. Cloud Connectivity
7. Real Time Clock
BudMore Aquaculture water quality moniotors are designed to work as stand alone units and could also be coupled with Automation Controllers for full farm automation.


Product Specification :
1. 6-Port for connecting Sensors
2. 1-serial port for controller unit communication.
3. Wi-Fi connectivity
3. Mobile App for monitoring
Sensors compatibility :
pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Ammonia probe,  Nitrate,  Nitrite, Conductivity & Water level sensors
Sensor probes and accessories we sell are .


 1. pH : Probe
2. Dissolved Oxygen Probe
3. Ammonia Probe
4. Nitrite Probe
5. Nitrate Probe
6. Conductivity Probe
Ethically and scientifically grown fishes, harvested every six-months to ensure tenderness and freshness of the produce. Every batch of our produce is constantly monitored to ensure optimal growth, productivity and quality.
Our fish produce includes :
1. Anabas
2. Nilotica Thilapya
3. Prawns
4. Karimeen
BudMore uses and retails fish feeds mainly from two different brands.
1. Godrej Agrovet
2. Growell
Feeds with varying protein contents and types sold are determined by numerous farming parameters. BudMore farm analyst guides the client for optimal feed usage based on ‘Conversion ration’ for optimal fish growth at various stages of farming activity.

Healthy food are tasty too

App download
App download

Why BudMore ?

Innovative technology & Robust solutions

The perfect blend

BudMore solutions are always an optimal blending of Technology, Research and advanced data analytics. The right combination of information systems and cutting edge technology ensures robustness in all our innovations.

Cost effective

Our services are fairly priced for even the small scale farmers to experience the touch of perfection.

Premium quality IOT Devices

How we are different ?

Every BudMore products are designed to work well in a multitude of farming environments effectively. The objectives of the rising demand for quality food at reduced cost could only be addressed by intensive farming which demands BudMore’s high precision equipments.

IOT devices

Our automation systems, monitors and sensors are all realtime, wi-fi equiped devices that has connectivity with our cloud SAAS system through Wi-Fi and ready to use out of box.

Best Consulting Strategies

How we are different ?

Every projects we consult goes through a well structured work flow involving a multiple teams of proffessionals consisting of business analysts, technical consultants , infrastructure analyst and a research advisors to ensure long-term consistancy and profitability of our clients.

All in one place

Our consulting strategy scopes in feasibility study, market study, environment impacts and risk analysis.

Superior Technical Support

Our best in the class technical team always assures that the farmers are always delivered with all services that the product guarantee with its maximum efficiency. Our after-sales technical support remains the main for our increasing rate of customer retention.

100% Professional

Our promptness , accuracy ,value for time and passion to make difference makes us truly professional.

100% Organic Produce

Everything is Organic !

Our farming operations use zero chemicals (Pesticides & Insecticides ). Every produces from our RAS facilities are completly organic .


Our Technology products are not designed to operate with farming practices involving use of chemical agents to support growing activities.

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Consulting with BudMore and know your bottlenecks.

Step 2

Automate and optimize your operations.

Step 3

Data driven performance monitoring and optimizatimizing.

Step 4

Improve your productivity, efficiency and stay relaxed.

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